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If you are nostalgic of original pieces, antique or with a great sentimental value and would keep on in better conditions achieving that seem new over the years, in Comercial Pintures we offer the widest range of products dedicated to the restoration and wood works.

From waxes, dyes, for wood putties, puliments for copper, marble, silver polishes, strippers,... until products to protect or give effect to the stone, floors, ceramics, stoneware.
Always offering the highest quality brands in Commercial Pintures you will find the solution you're looking for.



Nothing better represents the image of a city than the state of its buildings. In Comercial Pintures we specialize in the restoration and maintenance of facades, historic buildings and heritage.

Since thermal insulation, coatings, downs, consolidations and silicates for conventional facades.

To renovation mortars, glazes, fixatives, repellents, oil-repellent, lime paints for historic buildings, heritage and thematitzations.

Comercial Pintures provides detailed prescriptions for each fa�ade: the current study, performance and calculation of necessary materials needed to take part in rehabilitation.

Provided with the support of the best and most specialized manufacturers.


Comercial Pintures

After more than 50 years at your service, now we are colser a little more to our customers through this website. Welcome to COMMERCIAL PINTURES, now also available, ONLINE!

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In Comercial Pintures we like making things easier for our customers, always offering the best quality in all our services. Do not miss what Comercial Pintures offers to you...

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