13 / 06 / 2018


One of the elements that are most used in construction and decoration is wood. We can basically classify it into two large groups:
- Hardwoods, noble and tropical
- soft woods such as autochthonous ones: pine, spruce, chop ...

The other factors that we must keep in mind when it comes to protecting wood is its location: If it is indoors or outdoors, as well as whether it is vertical or horizontal (whether transitable or not). Each type of wood and each location will require different treatments so that it lasts us and it looks radiant.

In all cases, the first step is to apply a protective bottom that will nourish wood and will prevent the insertion of xylophagous insects and fungi; If we want to change it in color we will apply a dye to suit our tastes and finally depending on where this wood is located, we will apply one or two layers of final protection.

Indoors, once the wood is prepared and stained, a finishing layer with the brightness level that we like the most: matt, satin or shiny will suffice. In this case, the finished pores are closed, such as varnishes. Closed porous varnishes leave a thin film, they are more durable but have the disadvantage that when they are deteriorated they must be completely eliminated and the treatment again repeated.

When we talk about wood floors or floors, the process is similar: nourish the wood, dye if necessary and finish it with a polyurethane varnish, as it will be more resistant to wear. In the case of maintenance, we would open pores with a fine abrasive and apply one or two layers of finishing varnish.

 In the case of wood to the outside, it will be necessary to give two layers of finished with protection to UV rays (ultraviolet) with the degree of brightness desired. In these cases it is recommended a treatment with open pore products or lasurs, which let you transpire to the support and are more elastic in front of the dilatations of the wood itself. With the open pore shields, when doing the maintenance, it is enough to pass a little abrasive and make another layer on top so that the wood returns to look new.

If we have exterior platforms or tropical wood furniture such as teak, ip, iroco, ... the recommendation is to apply oily products (teak oil type, Tung oil, nautical wood protections ...) a minimum of two hits per year. Before impregnating the oil, you just have to clean it with water and degreasing wood and let it dry well. It is the way it will look more beautiful.

In public places or in homes, when it is to be protected against fires, fireproof and intumescent varnishes exist that in contact with the fire form a thermal barrier (reactive in the case of the intumescent ones) that will prolong the burning time of the wood.

As important data, if we have wood, we must not slow down its state of conservation since it will deteriorate and the treatment and subsequent maintenance will be significantly more complex. Wood, unlike other supports, requires constant and adequate maintenance to look in all its splendor.

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