04 / 05 / 2018


There is nothing that improves more the image of a city than the state of the facades of the buildings that compose it.
When we consider painting the facade of our house or our community, I have to take into account several factors:
What support do we have and in what state is it?
It is very important to know before starting, we can have seen work material, old paintings in good or bad condition, humidity by capillarity or by leaks from the roofs, ... each of these points will determine the first steps of the painting system that it must be carried out.
What interventions prior to painting are necessary?
Here you must determine if there are cracks, if the old paint must be completely removed or not needed, if the mortar is shelled, if roofs have to be waterproofed, if we have to eliminate fungi .... It will also be the moment to decide whether or not we want to install an External Thermal Insulation System (SATE) that will avoid the loss of temperature through the facades, the condensation by thermal bridges, the occurrence of humidity,. ... The installation of an SATE will bring us significant energy savings as well as a substantial improvement in the energy rating of the home and a re-valuation of the building.
These actions are what is called support preparation.
What type of paint / coating is most suitable?
It depends. Always on facades we will work with the so-called façade coatings, which are a type of paint much more resistant to the wear of rain, wind, sun ... Of coatings there are many types: acrylic, siloxane, silicates, lime based ... Each one with specific properties that will adapt to our facade: elastic, self-washable, breathable, waterproof, ...
For example, a conventional facade exposed to a street with a lot of vehicle traffic will require a self-washable coating, which with the rain will release the dirt caused by pollution.
On the other hand, a façade with an Exterior Thermal Insulation System will need a siloxane coating with a certain tranpirabilitat point.
historical buildings or historical heritage, given the nature of their building materials, will be painted with lime or silicates based products.

What is the degree of difficulty at the time of carrying out the performance?
This will determine, above all, the quality of the painting system and the products that we will choose. A greater logistical difficulty: scaffolding, permits, execution time, inconvenience to neighbors, etc. We will apply more product quality since, of course, it will not be easy to carry out this kind of actions regularly and we will have to ensure the maximum duration of the products
What is the final aspect we want to obtain?
At this point is where we choose the color or colors and the distribution of these in the facade, whether or not we want to put decorative elements such as cornices, rosettes, etc. In Comercial Pinturas we will make a simulation of how your façade will be painted and finished in a faithful recreation based on good quality photographs.
Come and we will face together the challenge of giving a new life and a new aspect to your façade!

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