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What are the points where these concepts coincide?

The two main intrinsic factors of painting that can interact with our health are the elements with which the dissolution and the substances that it emits to the environment during the wiping process must be done. The element of traditional dissolution of enamels, wooden protectors, primers, etc. It has been the synthetic solvent (be it aguarrase, universal solvent, epoxides, polyurethane, toluene, acetone ...) already harmful to skin contact and irritants of the mucous nassals in its rapid evaporation. The substances emitted to the environment (also called VOCs) are those particles from the synthesis of the raw materials with which the conventional paintings are manufactured and which are emitted in the process of drying the paint (usually by evaporation). These VOCs can be detached from the paintings that use some type of solvent in its dissolution as well as the traditional paintings in the water.

At Comercial Pintures we consider these factors. That is why among all the new paintings that we put at your fingertips you will find:

- The paintings of low VOC emissions: The labels with the stamp ECOLabel, A +, etc. Paintings regulated not to exceed a certain volume of VOCs.

- Those of 0 VOC emissions: how are E.L.F paintings? or natural paintings such as silicates and lime-based paint. The paintings of 0 emissions are also called anti-allergic paints, ideal for public places, children's areas, etc.

- For more technical sites such as surgical zones or food processing areas, we have epoxy paints and food monocomponents: fooddgrade and BiofilmStop, which meet all of the current global regulations. These paintings, besides not emitting VOCs, perform an inhibitory function of the biofilm and other bacteria that can contaminate the environment, being very resistant to periodic cleaning.

Are these types of paintings shattered with the latest decorative trends?

No. The international brands of high-quality paintings that we import in Comercial Pintures, for years have been prohibited in their home countries from issuing solid substances (VOCs) to their surroundings. That's why all the latest decorative effects and the high quality paintings we provide are completely safe for people and the environment.

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