06 / 02 / 2017

New Caparol distribution

We are pleased to present the new Caparol distribution to the provinces of Lleida and Huesca.

Caparol, the leading German manufacturer of high quality paintings, comes to our house with the clear aim of increasing the quality of products used by professional painting and decorating to carry out their projects.

From Comercial Pintures have the conviction that the introduction of high performance products in everyday applicator provides added value for professionals who want to stand out from the tendency to reduce quality to reduce costs.

It is easy to show that the use of higher quality coatings, performance, coverage, etc. bring savings in time and labor than the difference in price comparison with lower quality products, in addition to greatly improve the look of the finish and benefits once applied.

So with the introduction of products CAPAROL in the province of Lleida and Huesca is possible to professional applicators who so wish, to be loaded to clear arguments in favor in conventional daily work as well as the most emblematic works.

For this reason and to support the arguments of the applicators before their clients, we welcome you to a new area of ??our establishment dedicated to the interaction between the applicator professional architect, decorator and customer. Always with the technical support of our professional team.

Caparol space aims to be a meeting point, choose the desired result becomes an experience that clearly defines the end result that the customer will get.

A large space waiting Caparol samples applied finishes facades and interior decorative products together with all letters you select your colors.

Come and enjoy a total experience related to the world of painting and decorating!

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