09 / 07 / 2016

Sherwin Williams Official distributor in Catalonia and Aragon

Comercial Pintures is the distributor of the North American multinational Sherwin WILLIAMS its product range PROTECTIVE & MARINE COATINGS.

Result of our commitment to customers and the industry of painting, incorporating Sherwin Williams in Catalonia and Aragon, allows us to provide solutions in highly technical coatings under the most demanding global standards.

Sherwin Williams products line MARINE & PROTECTIVE COATINGS provide solutions to the hydrocarbon industry, maritime structures and coastal naval industry, chemical, etc. painting systems that guaranteed product thickness appropriate to international standards even in the corners of the painted pieces.

As for passive protection to the fire of any kind, Sherwin Williams offers paint intumescent FIRETEX FX5090 with particular properties that allow a simple application with airless average power and caudal (Commercial Painting has proven GRACO PAINT SPRAYERS than we are official distributor) and a significant reduction in the workforce due to the thickness achieved each week.

To learn more about Sherwin Williams and how our products can adapt to your projects please contact Comercial Pintures.

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Sherwin Williams Official distributor in Catalonia and Aragon
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